Service criteria

  1. Healthy foods and beverages:
    Choose foods that are nutritious and delicious, suitable for your preferences.
  2. Food Safety and Hygiene Standards:
    Ensuring that the standards of Food Hygiene and Safety are strictly followed, quality is maintained.
  3. Diverse and flexible menu:
    Breakfast services include a healthy breakfast bar with a selection of plants, yogurts and cereals. Snack options include smoothies, natural fruit juices, and whole wheat baked goods, oats, and cereals. Students can choose from everyday Asian or Western meals, themed salad bars, soup stalls serving traditional Asian soups, or custom sandwiches. We provide students with a wide variety of daily choices to help them make good choices for themselves.
  4. Nutrition education:
    Support what students learn in the classroom and support a school-wide approach to healthy eating.