According to R&D news, healthy lifestyle and clean living style are developing strongly, consumers are increasingly interested in nutritional value in each dish.

The global trend towards a green lifestyle is booming. People pay more attention to the healthy element of every meal. According to the R&D news source in the food technology sector, the following 5 trends are expected to explode in 2020.

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The trend for healthy food consumption will explode this year

1. Organic food

Consumers are starting to think seriously about replacing meat in their meals. They take a closer look at the nutritional ingredients, the supply process, the amount of clean water used, and the safety of the food, which indirectly spurs a great deal of interest in food-derived foods. object.

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Organic plant create confidence in the eyes of consumers

The shift to a healthy lifestyle has also led to an increased demand for plants, especially organic foods. The F&B industry in the coming years will see a “mushroom-like” growth of organic farms. According to the Grand View Research report, it is expected that by the end of this year, the organic food industry will reach $ 211 billion, up 70% over the past four years.

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Eat whole plants for effective weight loss while maintaining energy

2. Say no to alcoholic beverages

Consumption of alcohol is starting to decline in recent years, in 2018, total demand decreased by 1.5%. Consumers are starting to look at other options to limit alcohol consumption and pursue healthier lifestyles.

Currently, non-alcoholic drinks no longer stop at carbonated water, but instead are a series of extremely diverse products in designs and types, at the same time they are also elaborately brewed and blended. the taste is not too different from traditional alcohol.

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Non-alcoholic beverages are an alternative to alcohol

The top beverage brands also quickly embarked on this new race. According to R&D news in early 2019, Sparklingly Sober launched a carbonated drink to replace beer and Coca-Cola has launched a series of non-alcoholic effervescent beverages aimed at an adult audience. Since May 2017, the largest brewing brand in the world – Heniken has successfully researched and developed the first line of non-alcoholic beer products.

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Heineken’s non-alcoholic beer line has received many compliments from beer connoisseurs

3. Ferment

Fermented foods and beverages are in popularity globally, and are expected to explode between 2020 and 2025. In fermented products containing essential enzymes such as omega-3 fatty acids, yeast B vitamins can help restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut and reverse digestive problems.

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Fermented yogurt helps to fight intestinal disorders

The market for fermented foods and beverages is expected to reach the highest growth rate of a millennium in the period of 2019 – 2014. One of the first “shots” comes from PepsiCo, a manufacturer of beverage The world’s leading brand acquired KeVita fermented beverage brand in 2016 and launched a probiotic line branded Tropicana Essentials.

4. Animal organs

Since prehistoric times, humans have known to enjoy animal organs. They contain a lot of vitamins A, B, D, E and some minerals that are good for the body such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. Furthermore, the internal organs are also an excellent source of protein for the body.

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Goose liver is an expensive food made from animal organs

The average person needs 50-70 grams of protein per day. Animal meat has been the main source of protein so far, but in the context of insufficient demand for meat, organs will be a new source, with similar nutritional quality, affordable and less polluting. environmental contamination more.

5. French cuisine

Low fat, limited carbohydrates, not consuming a lot of spices and controlling calories are all factors that make the meal healthier, and you can easily find these 4 criteria in a meal style. France. This culinary culture has always focused on controlling the portion of each meal. The French always eat a lot of small portions instead of a big one, this helps your stomach not have to overwork but still maintain enough energy for the body.

In the trend of many people interested in healthy eating, French cuisine will have the opportunity to return to its heyday, as evidenced by the fact that the keyword “French diet” has received more attention in the media. . A French menu will be favored by consumers in the near future.

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The dishes associated with French culinary chemistry

According to the synthesis of R&D news, foods that bring health value will be popular in 2020. The trend of healthy living not only changes the appearance of the culinary industry but is expected to affect all habits consumption.

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